• Common Blackjack Cheats

    Players often come to casinos to have fun and win money. Most of them want to enjoy the challenge of trying to control luck using their playing-skill techniques. As the world of gambling and casinos lure more followers, the challenge that some casino players have tried to explore is ways of employing successful cheating strategies.

    "Adventurous" players have never consistently outwitted casinos. Since most blackjack cheats become well-known by casinos worldwide, casino personnel can usually detect any deceiving tactics. Most cheaters are thrown out of the casino and banned from playing. But, aside from the public humiliation, tricksters often find themselves facing criminal charges. As the saying goes, "Cheaters never win and winners never cheat."

    Spooking: This tactic involves peeking at the hole card over the dealer's shoulder. Then the information is passed on immediately to another player in a secretive manner.

    Card marking: Players do this during the course of the Blackjack game. This is meant to know the dealer's face-down card. Most Blackjack cheaters mark the cards with their own nails.

    Card mucking: It is also known as hand mucking. Players use this kind of cheat by covertly switching cards in and out of their hands.

    Card bending: This is another form of card marking. Players secretly mark the playing cards through bending or crimping.

    Card switching: This cheating strategy requires expertise and practice. Usually those with good hand coordination use this magician-like technique through switching the actual cards in the player's hand with as many as two cards hidden between the player's sleeves.

    Dealer collusion: This is also known as dealer cheating. Players try to bribe the dealer with a certain amount of money to manage and manipulate the game. The problem with this kind of setup is that the dealer who can be tempted to cheat is much harder to trust.

    To counter these strategies by ever-growing numbers of casino cheaters, most (if not all) casinos in the world, have devised ways to detect numerous devious strategies. Casinos largely depend on their advanced surveillance cameras to monitor almost all moves of their players. Hundreds of cameras inside a casino can easily zoom in on a suspected cheater without him noticing that they are being observed.

    Dealers are also trained to easily notice illegal winnings tricks. They are trained to use various procedures, such as multi-deck game shuffling, proper card and chip handling, and checking card markings, such as crimps and bends.

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