• Answers to Common Mistakes in Black Jack

    We're only human. It is possible to commit mistakes in card games. That's why there are ways to fix these mistakes with the least possible damage to the game.

    Black jack is usually in the hands of the person dealing the game, that is, the dealer. So most of these mistakes are committed by the dealer. It is important that the dealer be aware as to how to fix these mistakes. It would be terrible to restart a round of black jack just because say the dealer forgot to burn a card.

    Since it's out there, what should a dealer do when he forgets to burn a card? When this has been noticed midway during the game, the dealer must shuffle the remaining cards and burn a card. This is only when the game can resume.

    What if the dealer inadvertently gives a face up card on the first round of dealing? This isn't a really big problem. The dealer just has to give the second card of the player face down. The first card is still acceptable provided that the second card be given face down. If the dealer gives the second card face up, the player has the right to withdraw his bet and sit out the deal.

    Sometimes, cards stick together and the dealer ends up giving two cards instead of one during the first round of dealing. Should the player give both cards back? The player has the option of selecting which card to use and which card to discard. He can also use both cards but he'll be playing two hands. If the player is going to play both cards, he should place two bets. One thing is for sure, the player cannot use the cards together in one hand. If this occurs during the second round of dealing, the player has to choose which card to keep.

    The next card in the pack is face up. Should the dealer discard this card? The dealer does not make the decision in this case. The player who is about to receive the card can either accept or reject the card. If this happens during the first round of dealing and the player accepts the card, this card will be the player's face up card. His card during the second round of dealing will be face down.

    If by chance the dealer gives a card to player without the player asking for it, the player may or may not keep the card. If the player chooses to reject the card, it is automatically discarded and cannot be of use during the round. The next player cannot in any way use the discarded card.

    And, at the end of all betting, whether the dealer has chosen to stand or went bust, all the players who chose to stand should reveal their face down card. If the face down card causes the player to bust, the player must pay the dealer double the amount of his bet even if the dealer has gone over 21.

    Simple answers to mistakes made in a game of black jack. Black jack has a reputation of being a fairly simple game so mistakes shouldn't be a problem or a hindrance to an enjoyable game. Besides, stopping a game in the middle of it ends up ruining the game for everyone.

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