• Blackjack- To Double Down Or To Split

    The game of blackjack has entertained a lot of people worldwide. As one of the most widely and wildly played card games in the casinos all over the world, it is of no surprise that they are giving more and more options to players. It is very common nowadays to either upsize or upgrade your merchandise. Fast-food chains, online memberships, and all sorts of other subscriptions are all taking advantage of this marketing strategy. The consumer gets more, so does the company. It is a good investment for both sides.

    In the game of blackjack there are a lot of great options as well. One of them is the 'double down'. To double down is to double your wager, which is to double your original bet. When the dealer gives your first two cards, you always have the option to double down except when your hand is a natural or a blackjack, of course. This provides the players a great opportunity to win more cash when they really are most likely to win. Some casinos only allow you to take advantage of a double down when the total points of your two cards add up to nine, ten or eleven. Generally, you can always double down through your own prerogative. Once you decide to double down, you will be given only one more card and then stand.

    Most expert blackjack players double down when the total points of their two cards is nine and the dealer's open card is three, four, five or six. It is also advisable to double down when you get a ten-value card as long as the dealer's open card is not an ace, a ten or any of the face cards. Double down when you get an ace and the dealer's card is not. You can have it either as a one or eleven.

    Another great option is 'splitting'. You can split your first two cards when they contain the same value. The best cards to split are eights and aces. If you decide to split, you need to place an extra bet similar in value to the original one. Once the cards are split you can now play them as separate hands. If again you get the same value, you are aloud to 'resplit', applying the same procedures as the initial splitting. After splitting, you can also double down on any of your hands depending on the combinations you get.

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