• Blackjack Strategy: When to Hit/When to Stand

    Blackjack is one of the unique casino card games that give players a chance to lower the house edge and win more hands. The key skill to enable players to do this is by using blackjack fundamental or basic strategy. Since blackjack facilitates strategy then using it ensures that players are making the right decisions given any situation during the game.

    Getting in touch with reality, remember that blackjack is still a game of chance. Given the random element in blackjack we can only do so much and wouldn't be able to predict every outcome no matter what strategy we come up with.

    The strategy mentioned here will include when we need to stand and when we need to hit. The correct plays will then be divided into blackjack hard hands and soft hands. The following is our basic strategy for blackjack.

    When do we hit and when to stand? Here's what to do if you have blackjack hard hands:

    If your hand totals 17 to 19 you stand. If the dealer has seven to ten or Ace you hit given a total of 16 or below else you stand. If the dealer has four to six you hit given a total of 11 or below else you stand. If the dealer has two to three you hit with a total of 12 or below else you stand.

    Here's what to do if you have blackjack soft hands:

    If your initial hand totals to soft 19 (i.e. an Ace with an Eight) or a total of soft 20 (i.e. an Ace with a Nine) you always stand. If your hand totals to a soft 18 (i.e. an Ace with a seven) you stand if the dealer has any of the face cards, an Ace, nine, or ten; you hit when dealer has a two to eight. You always hit if your hand totals to a soft 17 or lower.

    Remember to make it a habit or regular part of the drill to check what card the dealer shows and then compare that against your hand's total. This part of the practice may seem odd to some at first but it is really necessary.

    A little reminder is that a soft hand is a blackjack hand that contains an Ace while a hand in blackjack that doesn't contain an Ace is called a hard hand.

    Knowing when to hit and when to stand will go a long way when you play a game of blackjack. Using this part of basic strategy gives you better a chance of winning and lowers the casino's advantage.

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