• The Different Blackjack Tables to Choose From

    It doesn't matter how you call it - blackjack tables, blackjack versions, blackjack games or blackjack formats - it's all the same banana or rather, it all boils down to the same thing and that's the fact that players are given the choice to choose which blackjack banana they wish to play with.

    So if you're wondering which blackjack table offers the best odds or is most suited for novice players as so forth, do read on.

    European Blackjack - This blackjack version uses two decks of cards only which it makes it fairly easy for card counters and shuffle trackers to do what they do best. Dealers always stand on soft 17 and players are only allowed to double down on 9's and 11's. Resplitting is not allowed and surrender is not an option given to blackjack players. There are also no hole cards for this version and players must only take one bet position when playing the game. The house advantage for European Blackjack is .39%

    Atlantic City Blackjack (Cryptologic Casinos) - With this blackjack version, 8 decks are used in a game but players are allowed to double on any first two cards and even after splitting! Players however can only choose to split their cards once and there's absolutely no surrender option. House advantage is about .49%.

    Atlantic City Blackjack - Dealers always stand on soft 17 in this blackjack version. Players are also allowed to double on any first two cards they receive. Another advantage is that blackjack players are even allowed to resplit to three hands. Furthermore, players can also double down again after the split. Lastly, players are given the option of late surrender. In this blackjack version, dealers are allowed to peek for blackjack. The house advantage is .35%.

    Multi-Hand Blackjack (Microgaming casinos) - With this versio of blackjack, 5 decks of cards are used and rules are somewhat similar with those used in European blackjack. So again, players can only double on 9 and 11, double after splitting but splitting is limited to two hands only. There are no options for surrender or hole cards for the players but they can take five bet positions. Outcome of insurance bets will only be revealed at the end of hand. House advantage is about .63%.

    Vegas Strip Blackjack - This version uses 4 decks so again, card counters and shuffle trackers shouldn't have that difficult a time utilizing their strategies in the table. Players are allowed to resplit up to three hands, double after splitting or on any two cards. Dealers are allowed to peek for blackjacks. House advantage is .34%

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