• Double Down in Blackjack and Win!

    The reason why blackjack is extremely popular among the regular gambling population is because there are certain rules favorable to the player. These favorable rules, if used correctly, can effectively reduce the house edge and increase your chances of winning.

    One of the best favorable rules that can shift the odds in your favor is the double down. Doubling down means adding another bet after you have been dealt two cards, so you now have two bets instead of one.

    The rules on doubling down vary with each casino. Some casinos allow you to double down after splitting. Others even allow you to double down on anything on your hand. Still others allow you to double down when you have a 10 and 11 on your hand.

    Doubling down on anything on the hand will reduce the house edge to -0.55%. Doubling down after splitting will reduce the house advantage from 0.13% down to -0.42%. On the other hand, doubling down on 10 and 11 will increase the casino advantage to -0.76%.

    The double down rule is advantageous to the player if used correctly, but doubling down when the dealer is weak will drastically improve your chances of winning. By looking at the dealer's up card, you will be able to double down effectively.

    The most favorable cards for the dealer are 7 to 10 and ace while the least favorable ones are 2 to 6. These low cards will make the dealer bust more often. That is why you have to double down when the dealer has low cards (2-6) and increase your odds of winning.

    You can also double down when the dealer has a high up card such as an 8 or 9 if your strategy tells you to do so. This technique is more risky than doubling down on low cards but will pay off in the end.

    Doubling down is sometimes risky and as there are no assurances in blackjack, you should not be afraid of losing your double bets. If you can't afford to lose your double bets, you should look for blackjack tables with lower minimums.

    When you double down, don't bet with an amount less than the original bet. Why? If you're going to double down, you are already expecting to win, so downgrading your bets doesn't make any sense.

    Don't expect instant results with the double down strategy. Blackjack is a long-term effort and expect some droughts in your double down strategy, but if you stick to it you will emerge a big winner in the long run.

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