• Learning How to Play with Free Blackjack Games

    Ideally, you can always hire one of the experts to teach you how to play well but it's a guarantee that they won't just be giving away free blackjack advice. So if you wish to play well, the only recourse left to you is practicing with the help of free blackjack games.

    Ready to learn?

    Okay, here's how we'll conduct our free blackjack training session. First we have to stretch our imagination a little and imagine that the free blackjack table is actually a paying table where you're betting real money. By doing this, you'll still be able to sufficiently motivate yourself to win rather than continue thinking than since it's free blackjack, there's no point trying to win at all.

    First step to tackle is choosing the free blackjack variation. There are a lot of variations that you can play but we suggest that you stick with the single deck free blackjack or failing that, play the version using the fewest numbers of decks.

    We're assuming that you already understand the objective of free blackjack and how the counting system works so we'll skip explaining that. We'll now concentrate on the different types of action one can make when playing free blackjack.

    Blackjack is the term used if your first two cards at free blackjack are composed of an ace and a 10 or a face card which will add up to 21. When this happens, you're an automatic winner at free blackjack - unless of course the free blackjack dealer has a natural blackjack as well.

    Double Down is an option commonly offered by free blackjack tables. When a free blackjack player doubles down, he is doubling his initial bet and hits one more card to further improve his game.

    Splitting is an option that free blackjack players can take advantage of when the first two cards are a pair. If a free blackjack player decides to split his pair, he should place equal bets on each hand. When the free blackjack player's holding a pair of aces, he's only allowed to hit one card for each hand.

    Insurance is a fairly controversial option that most free blackjack tables offer. Free blackjack players have the option of taking insurance if the first card of the dealer turns out to be an ace. If the free blackjack dealer gets a blackjack, you win 2:1. Anything else would mean you've lost your insurance.

    The only way to remember all these rules is to keep practicing with the help of free blackjack games. Happy playing!

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