• Steps to Increase Your Blackjack Bankroll

    Blackjack can be one of the most profitable games in a casino as long as you know how to play it at a high level of skill. Sometimes, however, skill is not enough to make you a consistent winner in blackjack. You also need a certain amount of luck, plus the ability to find and exploit favorable situations.

    With this in mind, you need to look for blackjack games with as fewer decks as possible. If you can find a single-deck blackjack game, play on it. The fewer decks a blackjack game has, the better your chances of winning.

    You should also look for games that allow you to double down after splitting. This tactic is useful in several situations like when you split 8-8 and you had a 3-8 against the dealer's 6. A double down in this situation, if the casino allows you to do it, will increase your chances of winning significantly and offer greater returns in the end.

    The double down option is one of the most advantageous moves a blackjack player can make, although you should not use it recklessly. When you double down, you double your bet and draw one more card. You should double down when the need arises as this can give you a slight advantage.

    Now that you have chosen the best game to play (single-deck games with a double down option after splitting), you need to manage your chips wisely. A sound chip or money management technique is to split your bankroll into small amounts that you can bet on a piecemeal basis. This technique is certainly better than spending your entire bankroll on one betting round. It is also advisable to set a certain profit limit of say, about 20% of your bankroll. You should quit once you have achieved your profit limit. Since you are aiming to double your money, then your profit limit should be 100% your original bankroll.

    In attempting to double your money, you should keep in mind that it's impossible to multiply your bankroll two or three times over in just a few rounds of play. Your goal is to gradually increase your bankroll through small winnings and to minimize your losses so that you can make a profit. Don't go around chasing your losses and set a loss limit that makes it easier for you to quit once you have lost a certain amount of money.

    You can also take advantage of strategy charts that tell you when to split, stand, hit or double down. The odds shown in these charts are based on the dealer's open card. For example, you can stand on 12-16 if the dealer's card is 6 or less, double down on 11 and to split 8 and aces. You can find strategy charts from blackjack strategy books and online guides in the Internet.

    By following these easy techniques and exploiting favorable situations, you can look forward to doubling your money at the blackjack tables.

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